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CR78 - Drum Loops & Hits

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Most people know the CR-78 (Released in 1978) as the first mass production user-programmable drum machine (first programable Drum Machine was actually the EKO ComputeRhythm with only 15-25 made)

but many do not realise that the CR78 was the first drum machine to offer external synchronisation options, both external clock in and trigger clock out. (External Clock in was used for the loops in this Pack)

This made it a solid time keeper, allowing tight integration with other electronic instruments in the electronic music studio.

DDA - CR78 Drum Loops & Hits

This Sample Pack contains clean 24bit 44.1khz unprocessed WAV recordings from my machine. This was a labour of love, with the intention of having the best samples from my CR-78 so I would be able to keep my CR78 on the shelf, and work from the comfort of my Computer.

Sample Pack Contents:-


All Loops loop seamlessly at 100bpm and are all 2 bars in length

  • 30 A & B Loops
  • (This feature alternates between the A and B patterns – 1 Bar of A followed by 1 Bar of B)
  • 63 Preset Loops
  • 9 Rock 1A Fills
  • 1 Bonus Silent noise loop of the CR78 to add a LOFI flavour underneath your beats


All the one shots are provided as Numbered Kits, where you can select all the numbered samples in each folder and drag them to the first pad of your drum machine. (eg Ableton LIVE Drum Rack, Logic's Drum Machine Designer etc.)

  • 78 Bass Drums numbered from 1 - No Accent to 78 - Maximum Accent
  • 78 Snare Drums numbered from 1 - No Accent to 78 - Maximum Accent
  • 32 Closed HiHats
  • 32 Open HiHats (Cymbals)

Numbered Kits are included for Bass Drum, Snare Drum and HiHats

so you can get going with a manageable 16 sample kit.

  • 16 Hi Bongos
  • 16 Lo Bongos
  • 8 Claves
  • 16 Congas
  • 16 CowBells
  • 16 Guiros(8 Short & 8 Long Samples)
  • 16 Metallic Samples
  • 16 RimShots
  • 16 Tambourines(8 Short & 8 Long Samples)

In the Kits Folder you Get 6 Numbered Kits of 16 samples for BassDrum, Snares, HiHats and 3 Mixed Kits (Rock, Percussion & AfroBeat) to get you going.

Get Creative

Peppe from DinDrum Audio

You will get the following files:
  • ZIP (63MB)
  • PDF (6MB)

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