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LEPLOOP - Analog Drum Loops

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To hear an audio demo of this pack, the last image in the gallery is a video.

The LEPLOOP is a tiny (2/3 the size of a TB303 or TR606) Italian made, analog groove-box with a quirky sequencer. The sequencer generates its melodies and synth lines by recording the sample and hold generator which samples the LFO or noise (basically storing voltages and playing them as a sequence of pitches) It also has a 4 track sequencer based on clock divisions that can be routed to various parts of the synthesiser section.

The LEPLOOP also has a dedicated Bass Drum Synthesiser called CASSA (granCASSA is Italian for Bass Drum). The bass drum loops are a feature of this pack and feature in the audio demo that was created only with loops contained in this pack.

Sample Pack Contents:-

All Loops and One Shots in this pack are 24 bit 44.1 khz Wav files

They are all in separate folders

Previously available as a loop only pack this 2022 update now also includes one shot hits.

89 Loops (They range from half a bar to 8 bars long):-

  • 46 Bass Drum Loops
  • 11 Bass Loops
  • 8 Melody Loops
  • 24 Percussive Loops

496 One Shot Hits :-

  • Bass Drums = 160 samples
  • Bass Tones = 41 samples
  • Blips Zaps & Claps = 92 samples
  • Noise HiHats = 50 samples
  • Synth Tones = 42 samples
  • Waveforms - Short Cycle = 111 samples

The One Shot Hits, retain the name of the loop they come from.

The Short Cycle Waveforms, were designed to be used as looped oscillator waveforms, that you can use in any synthesizer or sampler that can accept/import waveform loops as Oscillators. They can also be used as short percussive hits.

To get going quickly, this pack also contains 6 Drum Kits each provided with 16 (numbered 01-16) samples contained within each folder. These 16 samples can be all selected and dragged onto pad 1 of various drum samplers such as Apple Logic Drum Machine Designer and Ableton Live Drum Rack, to create a 16 pad Kit.

Get Creative!

Peppe from DinDrum Audio

The original pack "Analog Drum Loops - Leploop" containing only the 89 loops, was previously released under my old label food4samplers.
You will get the following files:
  • ZIP (53MB)
  • PDF (3MB)

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